About Us

We are a team of Engineers, IT Professionals, Project Managers & Farming Professionals bringing together combined knowledge to help future proof farming.






Founded by Jennie Savill in 2012 striving to enable farmers to onboard technology in a way that would enhance their operations instead of causing headaches. Building skills and networks with over 20 years travelling Australia servicing the Agricultural industry and seven generations of familial history in Australian farming, Jen grew a unique company that values specialised service with integrity.

In 2016, Jen’s husband Steve Lockyer with specialised skill and decades of experience in electrical engineering and automation joined as a Director (and visionary), developing solutions for farms incorporating cutting edge technologies not before utilised within the industry. Jens integrity and Steve’s ingenuity drive Inform Ag to provide reliable and truly innovative solutions to evolving challenges.


Our Values + Vision

We value and maintain strong agricultural networks, working with family farmers and corporates alike, in the boardroom and on the ground.

As a business, we are proponents of flexibility and trust in the opinion and capabilities of each team member. We believe a diverse team with a range of lived and professional experiences embody values necessary for building a balanced and strong business. Employing for creativity, ingenuity and adaptability, we work to diligently to deliver the best for our clients.




Our Locations and Reach

Our head office is located in Mapleton in the Sunshine Coast Hinterland with a secondary site in Mildura servicing Southern Australia.  We can take on work across Australia and New Zealand, having worked with growers in diverse locations from Bundaberg to Busselton.




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QLD Office & Workshop
52 Mapleton Falls Rd
Mapleton QLD 4560



VIC Office & Workshop
126 Eleventh Street
Mildura VIC 3500