Jennie Savill

Jen founded Inform Ag in 2012 building on a career focused on developing and implementing farm and enterprise management systems. She studied IT/eCommerce before moving abroad for 6 years between England and Canada and has decades of experience in technology and software.

Drawing on this, and following in the footsteps of seven generations before her within the Australian agricultural industry; she started her own consulting business. She oversees set up, training and implementation within the company and guides the team with her vast experience.



Steve Lockyer

Steve is the Managing Director of Inform Ag and is based in Mapleton. He has worked in engineering and factory automation, growing through a variety of businesses and industry types into senior management positions.

Transitioning to agriculture, Steve came into Inform Ag in 2016, he draws on his automation specialty to address current and future challenges within the industry, as well as integrating components that work together to enable growers to make data informed decisions which has brought Inform Ag to the forefront of AgTech innovations.



Ron Grant

Based in Mildura, Ron has 25 years of leadership, asset management and innovative business transformation experience and manages Sales and Projects across Australia. He has played an integral part in the development of corporate governance and system procedural implementation in the agriculture and horticulture industries.

Underpinned by on the ground experience, he has found success at strategic planning and building businesses from embryo stage to full production profit orientated centres. With many years working in key senior roles within large corporate organisations, Ron brings significant knowledge and experience to the Inform Ag team.





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Management Team




With over 20 years experience in management of viticulture operations, Jarrod possesses expansive industry knowledge. He has achieved tertiary qualifications in Viticulture Management and has spent the past 13 years developing skills in operations and leadership to foster both a positive work culture and acclaim for high quality wine grapes. 

Previously holding a senior management role within a large scale operation in the Sunraysia region, Jarrod joined the Inform Ag team in May 2020 to provide innovative solutions to the agricultural industry.



Alan Chambers

Alan Chambers comes from a successful career in the United Kingdom and Europe working in senior business manager positions with some of the Top 25 FTSE companies. He has a strong and dedicated approach to delivering the best possible service and results to ensure a positive outcome for all concerned.

Educated to Masters level at Middlesex University Business School, London and with the practical and proven work background this drove Alan to set up the business consultancy several years ago. The vision is to provide a focused, professional and partnership approach to working closely with business to develop wealth creating strategies and activity, conduct team assessment and evaluation, bespoke training and development workshops / seminars and effective recruitment practices for his clients. This approach has led to him working closely with some exceptional companies and delivering proven results in achieving organisational goals, growth and increased ROI. Specialities.



Peter McIver

Lured by the work Inform Ag had done to make the grass greener down under; Pete joins the Inform Ag team as a Project Manager after emigrating to Australia from the UK in 2019. With a background in systems engineering, leadership and project management as a British Army Officer and latterly a consultant engineer to the Ministry of Defence.

With experience spanning the management of through-life technical upgrades and capability development of both land and airborne systems, Pete aims to immerse himself in the AgriTech space to drive efficiency through technological advancement and resource reduction.











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