Can we help you?

We develop and implement new technology on farm. Our ethos is one of adaptability and ingenuity, if you have a vision - we can help you realise it.


We develop

  • Irrigation Control
  • Irrigation Monitoring
  • Fertigation Solutions
  • Automation
  • Water Point Monitoring
  • Moisture Sensing
  • Robotic Solutions


We Supply

  • Traceability
  • Labour Management
  • Yield Reporting
  • Farm Data
  • Financial Reporting
  • Corporate Reporting
  • Mapping and Shape Files


We also Supply

  • Integrated Spray Tracking
  • Variable Spray Rate Control Hardware
  • Drone mounted NDVI/NIR imaging
  • Yield Estimation
  • Tree Counts
  • Weed Mapping / Prescriptions
  • Plant Counts


Initial research stages are key for us to build an effective solution. At the commencement of a relationship, a site visit will offer us insight to your existing infrastructure and processes, affording us the knowledge to best serve your multi-faceted business. At this stage, we will begin to define the feasibility and scope of future projects. Understand the unique constraints (i.e. mobile connectivity) faced by farmers are key to a sustainable project and we are practiced in responding to these, building a solution that you can be confident in.



Evaluate and Identify

Following consultation, we will tailor a proposal based on your described needs. Our team understand the capabilities of automation, integration and data management at an expert level, and can develop intricate projects you may not have thought possible.






When you are satisfied with what we have developed in conjunction with you, the project will be initiated. We work with our international partners to ensure that deliverables and key timelines are mapped out for all stakeholders. For our bespoke projects arm, we draw on a strong supply chain of hand selected suppliers that supply readily supported and easily serviceable parts, ensuring reliability.




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