If you have a farm-based problem, the chances are we have either solved it for someone else or are currently doing so. Spanning the upgrade of existing irrigation systems to greenfield system development, remote communication systems to wirelessly link and control your assets and the ongoing project management of critical services or infrastructure projects, our team of Electrical, Mechanical, Computer and Automation experts can take the pain out of ensuring you stay one step ahead of your competition.

Imagine a world where you're at home and your bespoke irrigation app notifies you have an issue and one of your irrigation pumps are offline. You calmly use the app to turn another on or divert from another source to alleviate the issue. Then a crack of thunder and the heavens open! No issues; cancel tomorrow morning’s irrigation programme without leaving the house or paying someone else to do it.


cloud based connected irrigation

With IT, IoT, Industry 4.0 and Control Systems becoming interwoven our business has found a niche working with corporate size permanent crop growers and livestock operations to solve problems such as irrigation control systems, Scada applications, trough monitoring and control, autonomous agricultural equipment all under the guidance of our Managing Director Steve Lockyer who has headed up large automation projects across a wide range of industries.

Inform Ag are regularly contracted to build new and/or upgrade existing irrigation systems as well as integrating old with new, this typically results in state-of-art cloud based systems.

With the use of additional sensing equipment then conventional irrigation controllers Inform Ag can design a system that will collect data from a range of sources that feed into our analytics program providing a management tool for the most efficient use of your irrigation resources.

Along with irrigation efficiencies and providing more accurate application of water the Inform Ag system has the ability to control other on farm systems such as GPS and machine monitoring through to Coolroom control and electricity usage from the one interface providing a fully integrated farm controls system.

Autonomous orchards

Having teamed up with some of the world's best technology companies and a team of local manufacturers Inform Ag is working to build what most large operations are after; stress free operations. How are we going to get there you may ask? The same way the industrial market has achieved this by automation of repetitive processes using robotics.







What we supply:

Conservis... Leading farm Management Software

These days there’s an app for everything, but Conservis isn’t just an agriculture app. We provide big picture farm management software that comes with a farming app to provide real-time visibility into your field activities. While agriculture apps are growing in popularity, we’ve taken what farmers have told us and created smart solutions combined with the most helpful, down-to-earth customer support around. 

Conservis is a comprehensive, easy-to-use farm management software suite. We integrate with the software tools farmers use most, uniting multiple streams of data into one. Conservis is the hub of all your valuable data. The farm management software presents your data in an easy to understand format that’s organised and accessible to all levels of employees, at your discretion. This empowers you to make informed decisions for your business. We’re also real people who work side by side with you to ensure an optimal fit for your operation. We help you track field activities, manage inventories, understand costs and analyze yields with software that is truly supported by service. We’ll help you gain control, transform day-to-day operations and succeed for generations to come. Can a free farming app or agricultural app do that?

We’re not a pop-up tech operation that’s here today and gone tomorrow. We’ve been around for over a decade and proud to be working with Inform Ag.


The partnership that makes sense

Rabo AgriFinance and Conservis announced a partnership to mark the next evolution in how farms utilize Ag data to make informed business decisions. The companies co-develop technology that makes it possible for farmers to seamlessly – and nearly effortlessly – connect their real-time field and management data with financial results. 

The Conservis platform enables farmers to organize consistent, real time data coming in from different sources and platforms, eliminate manual entry, create winning business plans and confidently manage their costs, production and harvest operations throughout the entire year. Farmers that own and control their data are able to generate financial reports for their business and financial partners.

“We are committed to connecting our clients to tools that might help them not only manage risk and finances but also the other challenges of managing a business. After extensive research, we feel confident in the Conservis farm management software and their hands-on approach to helping clients get the most of their Product.” says Curt Hudnutt, executive vice president of Rabo AgriFinance and head of rural business in North America for Rabobank.



Smart Sprayers and harvesters

GPS Variable Rate Control

What’s been successfully sprayed and not? Has your operator’s speed variation over-prescribed or under-prescribed given block or orchard? Are you needlessly pouring money away, limiting yield potential or risking fungal and pest outbreaks? AgOtter not only answers these questions but also solves them for you. Geospatially aware, AgOtter uses a range of GPS, Speed and Gyro sensors to accurately understand the sprayers location and speed. Monitoring and accurately adjusting the flow rate of up to 6 sections, it uses this information to deliver an accurate coverage regardless of speed. Sending this data back to its server in real time, you can see where your sprayers are and access a full record of their spray history.

Did we also tell you that we’ve also successfully used AgOtter to measure harvest yield distribution data on a sub block level? Working closely, in partnership with AgOtters creator’s, Insero; we drive continued through life R&D to ensure your investment remains at the cutting edge of technology..




NDVI is a technology developed by NASA to identify and understand fluctuations in plant health on a global scale. Advances in technology, particularly the affordability of drone technology has allowed this to be used on a scale useful for the farm owner. Comparing an array of reflected wavelengths, a Sentra equipped drone can quickly highlight the health of your investment across your farm. Identifying areas of optimal health or more importantly stress, it gives you the information to identify optimal prescriptions, poor drainage, outbreaks, missed operations and much more.

Consider commercial drone ownership overly complex and its use a step to far? Our team of experts can provide as little or as much support as you need from a consultancy service delivering the information you need with no investment to your own fully equipped state of the art drones and sensors

Sentera’s integrated software and sensor products deliver fast, accurate information that improves outcomes for growers. Our solutions integrate with virtually every digital agriculture platform, efficiently delivering critical measures of real-time crop performance directly into the tools that Ag professionals already use.

From basic imagery, accurate NDVI, and Red Edge products, to the most sophisticated multi-spectral, thermal, and machine learning technologies, Sentera gives you cost-effective, high-performance tools to continuously improve your operations, on and off the field.




Integration of the growing range of hard and soft Agritech products is critical to not only delivering customer usability but also maximising efficiency and reducing workload at all levels. A perfect example of this is AgOtter’s seamless integration with Conservis to eliminate multiple data entry points and ensure accuracy. Whilst the ability to organically integrate multiple systems is quickly growing, our team of specialists have the knowledge and experience to successfully build bridges across those data divides that are not yet supported.




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