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Liz Leadbetter

I have been working with Inform Ag for over 3 years (since January 2020). I don’t know what title I’d go by but I support our software for customers and our grower success team while also wrangling and analysing large data sets (my main passion) from multiple sources. I like to transform what looks like a chaotic data dump into logical and relevant business information. 

I’m well rounded in business, being the manager and co-owner of a retail store and maintenance plumbing businesses for over 20 years.

I have studied business systems, finance, databases, real estate and completed post graduate studies in data science.

I enjoy live music (especially Aussie), going to the football with my family and a wide variety of brain-teasers and problem-solving puzzles (I’d rather mentally exercise than physically). 

Liz Leadbetter
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