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Richie Green

With an impressive 26-year tenure spanning diverse industries including FMCG, web offset printing, food production, robotics, and automation, Richie Green stands as a seasoned Strategic Delivery Manager with a multifaceted background. A leader of leaders, Richie has successfully helmed service teams, project teams, and administrative teams throughout his illustrious career.

Richie's expertise extends beyond leadership; he is recognised for his pivotal role in implementing robust systems and processes that underpin the seamless functioning of teams under his purview. His keen eye for talent is reflected in his active involvement in the recruitment and development of team members, ensuring that the right skills are harnessed to achieve collective success.

Having consistently delivered on budget commitments, Richie is a results-driven professional who combines strategic vision with hands-on operational excellence. His track record includes the successful execution of projects across various sectors, attesting to his ability to navigate complexities and deliver tangible outcomes.

In his current role, Richie has shifted his focus to the cutting edge of agriculture, working with automated irrigation systems for large-scale corporate farms. His forward-thinking approach and adaptability underscore his commitment to staying at the forefront of technological advancements, ensuring that projects under his purview are not only delivered successfully but are also positioned at the nexus of innovation.

As a Strategic Delivery Manager, Richie Green embodies a rare combination of leadership acumen, technical prowess, and a proven track record of project success. Investing in Richie is an investment in a leader who has consistently driven excellence across diverse industries, and who is now steering our projects and engineering initiatives towards the forefront of automation in agriculture.

Richie Green
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